Special Report: What Exxon knew about the Earth's melting Arctic

Don Mattingly

All-Star Game just doesn't carry the same luster in today's era

Baseball's All-Star Game meant a great deal to me when I was a young fan. So it saddens me to see what an embattled institution it's become. The numbers are undeniable. As's Richard Deitsch noted Monday, last year’s television audience of 11 million was down 61 percent from the 28 million who watched in 1985. That’s a meaningful comparison for me, because 1985 lay right in the heart of my romance with the midsummer classic. I was 9 years old and obsessed with the sport. Baseball books cluttered the shelves in my room, and I loved nothing better than sifting through my boxes and boxes of baseball cards. Players I’d never seen in person lived in my...