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The Times' MLB power rankings

The Times' MLB power rankings

Last week's ranking in parentheses; statistics are through Friday's games:

1. ST. LOUIS: Missouri baseball field guide: This is the team that cheats, not the one that fights. (1)

2. KANSAS CITY: Royals probably think Pirates are too close to their ranking and will bust them with a pitch to the ribs. (2)

3. PITTSBURGH: Friday's pitcher, Gerrit Cole, has as many postseason wins as his Dodgers opponent, Clayton Kershaw. (3)

4. DODGERS: Sorry, Yasiel Puig. The team's best bat flip belongs to Zack Greinke. (4)

5. N.Y. YANKEES: Joe Girardi made a pitching change on a 1-2 count. This is why Yankees-Red Sox games run five hours. (5)

6. N.Y. METS: Until a week...

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