'Faith, family, football': How a Texas town is healing after a cop killed a black teenager

Ron Roenicke

Angels beat Athletics 8-7 in Garrett Richards' return

Angels beat Athletics 8-7 in Garrett Richards' return

When he does not start a game at Angel Stadium, Ben Revere uses every inch of the facility to keep his body warm for a potential pinch-hitting situation. He’ll run the underground trail from the clubhouse to the players’ parking lot and take incessant swings in the batting cages.

At the Oakland Coliseum, doing so is more difficult. The visitors’ cages are behind the center-field fence, inaccessible during games. There’s no room to run. So, for the first four hours of Monday’s and Tuesday’s games here, Revere kept a bat in his hands at virtually all times, and frequently retreated into the clubhouse to take dry swings.

In Monday’s tied 10th inning, the left fielder was called...

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