Verdict in Silicon Valley sex-discrimination lawsuit


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Remembering Joe McDonnell, the one and only
Remembering Joe McDonnell, the one and only

I had a scoop. Man, I had a scoop. Little ol' me from the San Bernardino Sun. Found myself the only media member in the Dodgers clubhouse on that Sunday morning in the final game before the 1990 All-Star game when I heard the explosion. Manager Tommy Lasorda had his office door closed, but you could still hear the screaming in the clubhouse. I turned to ageless clubhouse attendant Mitch Poole and asked incredulously, “Is that …?” “Gibby,” he said in a whisper, like saying it aloud might bring the wrath of the baseball gods down upon him. Someone was screaming back. It was General Manager Fred Claire. I looked around the clubhouse. It was just me,...