Government severely misjudged strength of Oroville emergency spillway, sparking a crisis

Erick Aybar

Angels will not 'rebuild' but look to 'invest' in future

Angels will not 'rebuild' but look to 'invest' in future

The Angels are rapidly sinking into local irrelevance for the summer. The Rams open training camp at the end of the month, the Dodgers are pushing toward a fourth consecutive postseason appearance, and USC and UCLA will hit the football practice field before long. The Angels, founded in 1961, are on pace to post the lowest winning percentage of their unexceptional history.

However, before the casual Southern California sports fans stamp “wait ‘til next year” upon the Angels and turn their attention elsewhere, we wanted to chat with Billy Eppler, the team’s first-year general manager. In speaking with reporters last week, Eppler made the rather remarkable claim that the Angels...