Donte Whitner

Sports Commentary: Names have meanings

Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Terry Gene Bollea. Edson Arantes do Nascimento. Andre Rene Roussimoff. George Herman Ruth. Lew Alcindor. Cassius Clay. Earvin Johnson. Eldrick Woods Jr. Chris Jackson. Ron Artest. Chad Johnson. Brian Williams. Bobby Moore. Lloyd Bernard Free. Damon Jones. Donte Whitner? Pseudonyms. Surnames. Mononyms. Bynames. Family names. Nicknames. Monikers. Stage-names. No-names. Most of the aforementioned men were game-changers; and/but, all of them were name-changers. Last week, in an effort to raise media support - and notoriety - around his protest of a $21,000 fine for an illegal hit, San Francisco 49ers defensive back, Donte Whitner, began the steps to legally change his...