Sid Luckman

In search of 'Jewish Jocks'

In search of 'Jewish Jocks'

Mention the phrase "Jewish sports legends" and you'll probably conjure up familiar suspects: Sandy Koufax, Mark Spitz, maybe that joke from "Airplane."

You're more likely to omit Sidney Franklin, a matador from Brooklyn (real last name: Frumpkin), or Helene Mayer, an accomplished fencer who won a gold medal for Hitler's Germany at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Franklin Foer and Marc Tracy want to make sure none of these personalities are forgotten. In "Jewish Jocks: An Unorthodox Hall of Fame" (Twelve: 304 pp., $26.99), a skillful collection edited by the veteran journalists (Tracy is a writer at the New Republic and Foer is the publication's editor),...

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