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#101SlowJam: Downtown freeway closure is underway in L.A.

#101SlowJam: Downtown freeway closure is underway in L.A.

The sound of steady pounding punctured the Saturday morning lull at the corner of Whittier Boulevard and Boyle Avenue, where four oversized jackhammers methodically chipped away at the iconic 6th Street Bridge.

Chunks of concrete cascaded down onto the closed portion of the 101 Freeway, where a heap of debris had already piled up across all of its lanes. Steel rebar, once intricately woven, was exposed and hanging from column to column. One demolition official stood below the bridge, spraying water up toward the falling concrete to abate the dust.

"As you can tell, there is no way to demolish this section of the bridge safely without shutting down the 101," said...