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Vehicles stranded, roads closed by ruptured water main near UCLA


Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Treat every day like 'Carmageddon'
Treat every day like 'Carmageddon'

In 2011, the closure of the 405 Freeway in West Los Angeles for an entire weekend spawned the term "Carmageddon" in anticipation of a colossal traffic nightmare. It didn't happen. This month, Caltrans closed the 405's northbound offramp to heavily used Sunset Boulevard, which will last four months. Carmageddon? Nope. Last weekend, Caltrans shut down a four-mile stretch of the 405 in Orange County. Carmageddon? Nope. And over the Labor Day weekend, crews are scheduled to close the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge for five days to link the new east span to Interstate 80. Carmageddon? Probably not. Pretty amazing considering that Los Angeles and San Francisco are Nos. 1...