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Dude ranches: Roping, riding and karaoke
Dude ranches: Roping, riding and karaoke

Nearly two decades have passed since tough-as- nails trail boss Curly Washburn hurled insults at the three "City Slickers" who invaded his turf, a Colorado cattle ranch, in search of a Wild West adventure. The 1991 movie, which earned Jack Palance a supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of Curly, the crusty cattleman, spurred an increase in dude ranch vacations as urban and suburban cowboys tried their hands at riding, roping and herding cattle. I thought I might like riding the range too. But my interest waned when I realized I'd have to sleep in the dirt — and pay for the privilege. Fast-forward to 2010: Dude ranches have come a long way. --------------------...