The California Bucket List: Your daily guide to the best adventures and experiences in the Golden State helps plan trips to multiple cities, a tool for planning multi-city trips, offers itineraries but also lets users create their own

Turn a vacation into an adventure by adding more stops to your ticket.


What it does: The website combines itinerary inspiration with multi-stop flight and hotel booking for global destinations. Use one of its itineraries or create your own.

What's hot: If you're surfing for a package deal on Vamo, the website will offer you cash back when you book one of its hotel options. It's easy to filter for budget, midrange and high-end options so you can customize your style of travel. I also liked that the flight itinerary was broken into individual segments so that if you didn't like a segment when booking, you could opt out but keep the others.

What's not: I tested flights for an actual trip I need to take from Los Angeles with two stops in Italy and another in London before heading back to California. The site was easy to use, but I wasn't sure I had the best price.

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