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Rubber Duck extends its stay at the Port of L.A. till Sept. 6

The 54-foot-tall rubber duck that was such a hit at the Tall Ships festival will stay through Sept. 6.

The public has spoken: The duck has extended its stay in L.A. until Sept. 6.

The six-story-tall bathtub toy has proved so popular — thousands were drawn to the waterfront to see it -- that it will stay longer. It spent part of last week at Los Angeles harbor making a special guest appearance at the Tall Ships Festival, and its last day was to have been Sunday.

“We were floored by the response,” said Phillip Sanfield, spokesman for the Port of Los Angeles. “It struck a chord to see this enormous duck with the backdrop of the nation’s busiest container port.”

The duck will, however, take off for the Labor Day weekend to give everyone associated with the piece by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman a rest.

And then it's back to making people smile —and apparently making people propose marriage. At least it appears one man did, based on a photo on the LA Waterfront Facebook page.

Extra events have been added for the coming days.  “We’re running with it and having fun,” Sanfield said.

The fun includes “make your best duck face” (Monday, as in today, until 8 p.m.);  “dress like a duck day" (Sept. 4) and the duck dance (adapted from the chicken dance) and farewell to the duck (noon to 5 p.m. Sept. 6)

On Aug. 28 and 29, the duck will detour to Wilmington  (100 E. Water St.) from its perch in San Pedro at Sixth Street and Harbor Boulevard.

Info: Port of Los Angeles

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