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Now's the time for a Canadian vacation — the U.S. dollar is strong and deals are everywhere

With the Canadian dollar at a 12-year low against the greenback, some hot travel deals are to be had north of the border.

With a strong dollar making travel affordable, the time for that once-in-a-lifetime trip is now

The highly favorable exchange rates on the U.S. dollar make booking those exotic trips more affordable.

Here's the lowdown on the changes to American's AAdvantage frequent-flier program

After its merger with US Airways, American Airlines makes changes to AAdvantage, its frequent-flier program.

6 tried-and-true ways to afford that dream vacation

Experts from and Wallaby Financial list six proven ways to afford your dream vacation.

Wi-Fi in the sky still cloudy, sometimes costly as airlines try to catch up with technology

Wi-Fi service in flight varies dramatically among airlines as companies come to terms with the technology

7 ways to rack up enough qualifying frequent-flier miles to achieve elite status

Want the perks of elite status when flying? Here are seven strategies that can help you get there.

Getting the most out of a visit to Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 offers activities in San Francisco, home of the fan village, and Santa Clara, where the Broncos and Panthers will play.

Cruise insurance may cover trip interruptions but not missed destinations

Trip-interruption provisions in cruise insurance may not cover itinerary changes.

Inexpensive (and green) transport options to LAX and other airports

Inexpensive (and green) transportation options get travelers to and from LAX, Burbank, Long Beach and other airports.

Resort towns for less: Save on flights, lodging, car rentals and food

Save in pricey resort towns by shopping around and bidding on airfares, car rentals and lodging. Also: bring your own food.

Frequent fliers, consider: Is airline elite status worth the trouble?

Airlines have changed their awards programs. If you want top-tier status badly enough, there are ways to get it; but it may cost you.

New York City is suddenly a good deal for visitors

The Big Apple makes Travelzoo's 'Wow' list for great travel spots for 2016 thanks to a big drop in prices. Other 'Wow' spots include Cuba, Canada and Norway.

Is your volunteer vacation deductible? That depends.

The IRS has rules pertaining to voluntourism and tax deductions. You can seek a 'private letter ruling' from the agency.

Business credit cards have several points in their favor

Using business credit cards can offer more options to accumulating awards points.

Here's an easy way to budget for your food costs on your next trip's Club Sandwich Index, along with the Economist's Big Mac Index are a great planning tool for budget travelers.

Solo travelers get help avoiding single supplement on tours, cruises

Solo travelers can get help avoiding single supplements on tours and cruises as more single accommodations are offered.

Sample the good life at airport lounges without paying huge fees

No premium or branded airline credit card? No problem. Independent lounges are popping up at U.S. airports.

What travelers need to know to guard against identity theft

Services such as Trusted ID, ProtectMyID, LifeLock offer programs that require examination; there are steps individuals can take.

What really happens to your FICO score when you cancel a credit card?

Considering canceling credit card with annual fee but worried about your FICO score? Try negotiating with the issuer.

Avoiding lap-child sticker shock on international flights

Lap-baby fares on international flights can be pricey. A way to cut cost is to use an award ticket from the right mileage program.

Hidden 'resort fees' can be a nasty little surprise on hotel bills

Hotels often have hidden 'resort fees' that travelers should be aware of.

Study up on benefits your credit card offers; it might save you money

Prime credit cards may include substantial protections such as travel and rental car insurance or lost-luggage coverage.

Five ways to boost frequent flier miles you might not have considered

Emily Jablon, Daraius Dubash of share ways frequent fliers can boost miles in airlines awards accounts.

Smaller booking and search sites may have best hotel rates

More for Your Money: Smaller hotel search sites, such as or, may have the best rates.

How to make smarter bids on travel at charity auctions

Here are some suggestions on finding great travel deals at charity auctions.

Hotel stay coming up? Here's insider knowledge from the front desk

Hotel front desk clerks share tips about upgrades and about what might save you money.

Want airline elite status? Here are tips for fliers based in L.A. area

Fliers may land perks and upgraded status by planning and choosing carefully. Here's how.

Avoiding fees and surcharges on airlines' frequent-flier award tickets

Booking fees, fuel surcharges, taxes: Frequent-flier award tickets aren't free. Avoiding them starts with educating yourself.

How to complain about an airline to get the best results

Some guidelines to keep in mind when you're set to lodge an airline complaint: be polite, be reasonable and be specific.

Renting a car? Stand firm against reservation changes, insurance offers

Stand up for yourself when renting a car, expert advises. Don't accept costly 'upgrades' when what you reserved isn't available.

Get frequent-flier miles while holiday shopping: Here's how

To rack up frequent-flier miles, do holiday shopping online through airline frequent-flier malls.

The best hotel deals? Not always at the hotel's website

For hotel deals, check online travel agencies, flash sales, opaque bookers, last-minute sites and hotel websites for incentives.

Insurance, tracking apps and cloud backup are good cellphone calls

Travel: Losing your cellphone before a trip can be costly. Here are some preventive steps.

More for your money: Make Wi-Fi work for you while on the road

Travel: Wi-Fi needn't break the bank: Use GPS to find free hot spots and use Wi-Fi wisely, including email management. Apps can help too.

More for your money: The unexpected costs of traveling abroad

Unexpected costs of traveling abroad include visas, departure fees, driver's licenses, car insurance. Know before you leave U.S.

Want to sit together on the flight? Here are tips on getting the seats

Buying seats that are together on an airline flight can be difficult. There are ways to get it done, though.

More for your money: Some tips on tipping in Europe

Tipping for service overseas is a much more laid back affair than in the U.S. Here's a few suggestions

What to do when your flight is delayed or canceled

You've probably been there: You are in a rush to get home, and your flight is delayed or canceled. What to do? Buy a new ticket? Before you spend the money,

Hot spots for affordable Internet access while traveling

Boingo, Internet on the Go and FreedomPop are options for travelers searching for Wi-Fi hot spots.

Ideas for traveling on a budget with a dog

A dog can eat at your vacation budget. Here are some suggestions for cutting costs and keeping your pet happy.

Tips to protect data and dollars from thieves

More for Your Money: When it comes to theft, awareness of electronic risks is as important as secure pockets, pouches and bags.

Luggage can put heavy hit on your wallet

A heavy, big bag that's checked onto a plane will be expensive.

Sweet deals on summer and fall cruises

Cruise lines use yield management to fill cabins, so some of the best prices are offered within 90 days of sailing. Here are a few deals.

Options Away, Level Skies let travelers lock in airfares before buying

Options Away, Level Skies say they give travelers peace of mind by allowing them to lock in airfares without committing to buying a ticket.

Stretching every dollar while vacationing

More for Your Money: Budget-friendly tips include subways, shared shuttles and city passes. And check cancellation policies.

Travel tips on how to find cheaper airfare

More for Your Money: Some of the best ways to snag a cheaper airfare involves staying alert for online deals and being flexible.

More for Your Money: Finding airline seat upgrades

If you search carefully, you can find a good airline seat and cheap upgrades to business or first class.

Very casual flier? Easy, quick ways to amass sky miles

More for Your Money: In addition to credit card bonuses, fliers can get free tickets faster through pooling programs, paid memberships.

More for Your Money: VAT refunds and other ways to save when traveling

Knowing tipping customs and ATM fees, and filling out VAT paperwork, are among ways to save while traveling.

How to avoid those surprising travel fees

From rental cars to ticket changes, extra fees, taxes and charges can pop up unexpectedly and ruin your travel budget.

6 tips to save you money on your 2014 travels

More for Your Money: At the recent Los Angeles Times Travel Show, panel sessions offered ideas on hotel savings, free museums and airfare deals.

Apps guide the way when you go out into the world

More for Your Money: From MyRadar to GateGuru to TravelNerd to TripIt and beyond, savvy apps abound to make your travels easier.

Tips on how to steer clear of airline fees

If you don't want airlines' change and baggage fees to put a dent in your holiday travel spirit, here's some advice.

One travel writer's most valuable money lessons of 2013

More for Your Money: A travel writer learned about the gray retail market, the importance of returning a rental car to correct location and hot spots in London.

Tips for smart spending during holiday travel

When it comes to holiday travel, sometimes paying a little more isn't such a bad idea. Consider these cases.

Overseas smartphone fees can be a horror story

You may think you've turned off data roaming, but the feature can take on a life of its own when you're traveling internationally — and the bill can be a nightmare.

Timing is essential to finding cheapest airfare this summer

Timing is essential to finding cheapest airfare this summer

Changing an airline ticket? There's a fee for that, and it's gone up

More for Your Money: United and US Airways are now charging more for changes. It's still free at Southwest, but if you're a no-show, it soon could cost you.

More for Your Money: Be on the alert for travel scams

Pickpockets, taxi fraud and con-artist volunteers are among the scams and scammers that travelers have fallen victim to. Here's a list of such tricks to avoid.

Perks and pointers for spending less

There are several ways to save money on flights, hotels and rental cars or to take advantage of perks.

More for Your Money: Readers share hard-won wisdom

More for Your Money: Our travel readers share tips regarding money and credit cards while vacationing.

The scoop on airline taxes, changing travel dates and more

Answers to readers' airline questions about Britain's high airport fees, changing flight dates and luggage compensation.

Your Money: The best ticket prices when traveling with kids

Many airlines offer discounts for young fliers. Also consider package rates. Taking the train instead? Amtrak has deals too. Another option: a cruise.

How to make the most of a trip to the nation's capital

Many museums, the zoo and the monuments are free to visit in Washington, D.C., because of government funding.

Hotels hang — and will sell — local art

Hotels are turning to local artists for works to decorate guest rooms and other areas. Guests may buy the art too.

Michael Wigge is the ultimate budget traveler

Michael Wigge covered the globe without spending a penny. A series about his project, 'How to Travel the World for Free,' is airing on some PBS channels.

Affordable travel tips from the experts

Affordable travel experts from,,, Budget Traveler magazine offer travel advice.

More for Your Money: Where to find summer travel deals

Travel deals abound this summer in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Chicago and Lake Tahoe and on cruise ships.

More for Your Money: How to cope with high summer airfare prices

Airline ticket prices may be climbing for summer travel, but here are steps you can take to stay within your vacation budget.

How to beat the gas-price woes

Choose destinations that have mass transit, and stay in hotels that offer deals or breakfasts.

In-flight Wi-Fi fees: How to get discounts

Coupons and passes from Gogo Wi-Fi can help bring in-flight costs down to Earth.

Online coupons help make travel a daily deal

Before going on the road, head to websites like Groupon and Living Social to check discounts available at your destination of choice.

Travel experts share bargain-hunting tips

Los Angeles Times Travel Show: Experts from TravelZoo, LivingSocial and share strategies for stretching vacation dollars.

Packing tips with climate needs in mind

Whether you're headed for a tropical isle or a snow-packed mountain, here are suggestions for making your suitcase situation simpler, lighter and cheaper.

Travel bargains for military personnel

Military servicemen and servicewomen are eligible for discounts for flights, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, skiing and more.

More for Your Money: Don't get run over by school-sports trip costs

Expenses on sports-related teen road trips can add up, but these ideas for savings on food, drinks, gas and some planning can keep costs down.

More for Your Money: Four-star Maui on a two-star budget

Here are tips for saving money on West Maui lodging, meals, drinks, entertainment and transportation.

More for Your Money: Getting out of a country in crisis

What happens if you're stranded overseas when trouble flairs? Five resources, from travel insurance to cellphones, for travelers to consider before going abroad.

Vacation? I've got a coupon for that

Some discount providers will negotiate dates and prices.

Adding up tax deductions on business trips

Not all expenses are equally deductible. But one thing is paramount: Keep a paper trail.

Websites that help you plan your travel

Some online tools to help you plan and book.

National Park lodgings going fast

A PBS special and the economy have helped fuel a rush to the nation's most popular national park destinations.