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Letters: Good food in Kauai

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Hot dogs, other good Kauai eats

I relived my recent Kauai trip through your "Taste of Kauai" article [Nov. 30]. I'd like to recommend a place I learned of: Puka Dogs in Poipu, a fabulous Hawaiian-style hot dog stand with long lines of locals.

After getting a hot dog, one can sit under a beautiful, shady tree and enjoy the moment.

--Neil Radick, Los Angeles


Thank you so much for all the places to go. Some I know of, but I am keeping the article for next time.

One complaint: no mention of the fabulous lilikoi pie at Hamura's Saimin Stand.

--Mary Meinert, Sacramento


One place I'd add: The Tip-Top Café/Bakery, home of the greatest (to my knowledge) macadamia nut pancakes and banana pancakes.

It is on the first floor of a motel, not far from the Lihue airport. It is sublime.

--Phil Freshman, Minneapolis

Fond memory of Christmases past

Nice article on the Christmas trees ["That One, Daddy!" Nov. 30]. Reminded me of when I was a kid and my dad took me and my two brothers out to find one up in the forests in eastern Oregon.

But there's a big difference between there and the article Jay Jones wrote. Up there, there's lots of snow, and it's deep. It was always a struggle to drag the tree back to the car, but it sure smelled great once we got it home.

Anyway, I know this'll bring back a lot of good memories for my father too, so I am clipping it and sending it along in my next letter to him.

--Tom Olson, Long Beach

Uruguayan wine: available in L.A.

Two years ago, we had the good fortune of touring Uruguay's Establecimiento Juanicó winery, described in "Uruguay's Road to Vintage Status" [Nov. 30]. We fell in love with the ambience, the congenial employees and, above all, the delicious Tannat varietal. We purchased several bottles.

Unfortunately, they have long been consumed. Would you happen to know where we may replenish our supply of Juanicó Tannat?

--Mike Brill, Palm Springs

Editor's note: Uruguayan wine producer Viñedo de los Vientos offers its wine through many outlets in Southern California. For a list, go to wines.

Thumbs up on recommendations

In October, my wife and I spent four great nights at the Silvio hotel in Bellagio, Italy ( We chose this hotel based on a Readers Recommend column that ran in the Travel section.

On our first day there, we met an American couple from San Diego. They also had learned of Silvio through the Readers Recommend column.

We met another couple on their way to Tuscany to meet with their families, and you guessed it: This couple, from San Juan Capistrano, learned of the Silvio hotel from the same source.

Keep up the good work. You make a difference to readers.

--Terry M. Supple, Woodland Hills

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