Las Vegas: Drive real race cars and compete for $100,000 with Exotics Racing

Las Vegas: Drive real race cars and compete for $100,000 with Exotics Racing
Drive Lamborghinis fast at Exotics Racing and you could win $100,000. (Josh Metz)

Drive fast cars and compete to win $100,000 with a new racing experience in Las Vegas. Exotics Racing recently opened a new welcome center at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and plans to unleash a competitive racing series at the end of 2015.

Founders David Perisset and car-racing champ Romain Thievin say the racing spectacle will be open to the public. It will allow drivers compete in real wheel-to-wheel racing similar to an "arrive and drive" experience.

Race cars with a tubular chassis, fiberglass body and sequential gearbox put drivers in the seat.

Before getting behind the wheel, drivers are coached, trained and then matched with cars and drivers of equal skills and technique.

"We're upping the ante even more, making racing accessible and affordable with the new EXR racing series and now people will actually get to race another driver," Perisset says in a press statement.

The race Dec. 1 to 5 costs $5,000 to enter; only 200 drivers are permitted to sign up.

Each will practice 10 laps, qualify over 10 laps and then compete in the first heat. The 100 best drivers then move on to heat two, followed by 40 drivers competing in a 20-lap semifinal.

The finals with 30 laps will see 20 drivers compete for $100,000, with second place receiving $25,000 and third earning $10,000.

The supercar driving experience features 50 cars that includes brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Audi, Corvette and Mercedes.

Exotics Racing is open seven days a week.

Info: Exotics Racing, (702) 405-7223