What kind of people read Sunday Calendar anyway? I'll tell you who, a pack of wimpering, whining crybabies, that's who.

Judging by the letters you print weekly, your readers care far more about seeing their sniveling complaints and unworthy names in print on your back pages than they care about art , which is the supposed purpose of Calendar.

It's become a regular free-for-all for these frustrated crybabies who cannot opine or pontificate on anything more stimulating or relevant in life than the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, the Cosmic Significance of E.T.'s jewelry or those unlucky enough to bear resemblance to Charles II!

Who else would listen?!

And yet, you are not only too willing, but downright slap-happy to provide these insipid, vacuous and often pretentious crybabies a forum.

Forward their letters to Dear Abby or Tiger Beat and let's get down to the business of Arts and Entertainment.



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