School Health Clinics

In 1986, Dr. Thomas Payzant proposed school-based so-called “health clinics,” and the Board of Education voted against them. He was quoted as saying: “The community has spoken. The message is very clear, and that’s that.”

Why, then, do we have another attempt to push the idea at Hoover High School? It’s useless to disguise the purpose of such clinics as “health” programs. Why not call them by their true name of contraceptive-dispensing and abortion-advice centers that promote the agenda of the Planned Parenthood organization?

I pay taxes on properties in San Diego, and these taxes help support the public schools. I am angry that sex clinics are proposed on school property for purposes that I oppose as being immoral.

The schools should be supporting families and churches in helping children become responsible and moral, whole persons instead of pushing programs to destroy their virtue.