Want Shrink-Wrap on Your Award?

Associated Press

Eleven grocery store products, ranging from oatmeal to cat food, were named by a consumer group in its biannual "Wastemaker Awards," which recognize companies that use excessive or non-recyclable packaging.

Among the wasters named by the California Public Interest Research Group were Quaker Oat Cups, Kool Aid Kool Bursts and Sheba cat food.

"Wasteful packaging represents a public health hazard and a waste of precious natural resources," said Mara Beverwyk, a spokeswoman for Calpirg.

Calpirg noted that Quaker Oats uses plastic cups with foil lids on its Oat Cups.

But Quaker spokesman Ron Bottrell said multilayer plastic packaging is needed to protect the instant oatmeal from contamination.

Also named in Calpirg's "Wastemaker Awards" were: Whiskas Ultramilk, Wesson Vegetable Oil, New Stroke Snap-off paint brushes, Cheez Whiz Zap-a-Pack, Capri-Sun Punch Pouch Packs, Kudos Pan Squares, Dunkaroos and Lunch 'N Munch.

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