* Cheryl Coulter

Coulter, 39, of San Pedro is a sailor and flight attendant who has earned her U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license.

* Betsy Crowfoot

Crowfoot, 38, of Tustin is a writer for a biweekly sailing newspaper and has sailed in two Transpacs.


* Camille Daniels

Daniels, 47, of Long Beach is a Transpac veteran and an emergency room nurse currently on hiatus. Her husband, Richard, is a veteran of 10 Transpac races. She volunteers extensively with the Long Beach Sailing Foundation.

* Pamela Dodd-Millett

Dodd-Millett, 42, of Seal Beach is a chemist. Her husband, Dave, will be in Transpac, racing in the same class aboard a 56-foot sailboat Medicine Man.


* Linda Elias

Elias, 46, of Long Beach is skipper of the crew and has sailed in three Transpacs. She determined while undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer to put together an all-female Transpac racing team. She recently gave up her job as manager of an engineering company.

* Lise Kim Evaul

Evaul, 32, of Long Beach is a paralegal. She tried out for the Olympics in the 1980s in small-boat racing and competes regularly in yacht races.

* Molly McCLoud

McCloud, 19, of Huntington Beach is the youngest sailor in Transpac this year. She repairs and maintains boats. She hopes to continue sailing in offshore races and compete in the Whitbread Round the World Race.

* Jean Morris

Morris, 34, of Redondo Beach is a longtime small-boat sailor. She is a biochemist and amateur potter. Her late husband, Jimmy Morris, was a sailor.


* Betty Sue Sherman

Sherman, 38, of San Diego has been offshore racing for years--including numerous Transpacs--with her father, San Diego boat builder and racer Carl Eichenlaub. She is navigator and skipper of the crew. She manages real estate properties in San Diego.