It's Car Insurance

It's that time of year when the So-Cal summer heat does a meltdown.

What's a woman to do when her lipstick turns to goo? When her mascara drools? When her sealant drips?

The insulated Cosmetic Car Caddie withstands up to 110 degrees without melting its contents, including a light brown SPF 15 lipstick, lipstick sealant and mascara. The caddie fits in a car's drink holder and has a cap that doubles as a mirror.

Invented by Rebecca Pflueger, owner of the Irvine-based cosmetics company English Ideas, the caddie and caboodle sells for $45 ($25 without the makeup) and can be purchased at Bloomingdale's or by calling (800) 547-5278.

Pflueger says customers have written her and suggested that the empty caddie be pre-chilled in the freezer if makeup is to be left in a parked car or taken along for a day in the sun. Or while at the pool or the beach, it can be tucked away inside a cooler.

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