An Addendum to Dave Hickey

Perhaps it's just an oversight, but the article "My Lunch With Dave Hickey" (by Richard Cheverton, Dec. 8) neglects to mention that Hickey's books "The Invisible Dragon: Four Essays on Beauty" and "Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy" were (and still are) published by Art issues Press, based here in Los Angeles. Art issues Magazine, for which I was an editor at large and which ceased publication in 2001, originally published most of the essays reprinted in the two books. It is surely the demise of this risk-taking, award-winning journal of arts criticism that Hickey was referring to when he said, "If I wanted to write any of the essays in 'Air Guitar' or 'Invisible Dragon' today, I couldn't because I wouldn't have a place to publish them."

David A. Greene

Eagle Rock

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