Latecomer Gibson joins blogosphere

ABC's Charles Gibson has jumped on the blogging bandwagon.

The "World News" anchor posted his first dispatch Monday from the Democratic Convention in Denver, saying he hoped his efforts wouldn't be "embarrassing."

In his post, Gibson noted that the confab marked his 18th national convention, and reminisced about how the passion for Ronald Reagan at the 1976 GOP gathering presaged his nomination in the following election. The ABC anchor's dispatches are a central feature of the revamped “World Newser” blog, one of many news sites offering Web-exclusive content.

Gibson is one of the last of the network anchors to take to the Web. NBC's Brian Williams has had his own blog, the Daily Nightly, since May 2005, and CBS' Katie Couric has occasionally blogged on Couric & Co. since she started on the network in September 2006.

-- Matea Gold

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