Rick's tricks

Kurt Streeter's long-winded diatribe about Rick Neuheisel's past [Feb. 20] was completely out of line. Yes, the new UCLA coach has made many mistakes in past positions, but this is 2008, not 2001, and it's time to move on. The bottom line is that Streeter protested against Karl Dorrell's lame-duck status and firing last fall, and tried to argue that, despite a near-.500 record and foundering program, Dorrell was the right one for the job.

Streeter's column was more than tinted by his support for the now-deposed Bruins coach, and was not objective in any way. Streeter painted the coach in the most unflattering terms, but remember, we're talking about Rick Neuheisel, not Charles Manson.

Jack Wolf



After reading Kurt Streeter's column, I started wondering how such unacceptable behavior could be allowed on a university campus. Maybe Mr. Streeter should seek input from Pete Carroll. Such things could never happen at USC.

Craig M. Kojima

Culver City


I compliment Kurt Streeter on his interview with Rick Neuheisel. I truly hope that Rick has grown up. Setting proper behavior guidelines and holding his players accountable is extremely important for the good of these young men, for Coach Neuheisel and for UCLA. Young people must learn that they are responsible for their actions. And it is part of the head coach's job to hold them accountable.

Paul L. Hovsepian

Sierra Madre


In the '60s we would have referred to Mr. Streeter as a bummer. Mr. Streeter's diatribe is depressing and his iconoclastic venom has become nauseating. I'm truly sorry that the character of John Wooden can't be cloned. But here's the deal, get over it.

It's true Neuheisel's past is checkered and if he slips up, let him be gone. I'll tell you what else should get him a ride out of town on the 405 -- his inability to win more than two games the last half of the season.

David Burton

Mission Viejo

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