The sound Sly heard was 'boo'

I HAD the misfortune of taking the time to see Sly Stone at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip Saturday night (April 26), or should I say Sunday morning ["Sly," April 20]. The show was scheduled to begin at 11 p.m., but Sly didn't show his face until nearly two hours later! And that was after the crowd became restless and began to grumble and boo.

When Sly finally popped out from behind the curtain, he only offered excuses blaming the venue for his late appearance. The crowd booed some more. Then, rather than start the set, Sly informed the crowd that he'd be back . . . he had to go to the bathroom to relieve himself first!

Once the show finally started, the band did a good job carrying a fragile, long-past-his-prime Sly throughout the entire show. Sly was barely audible and left the stage frequently, promising to return. At last, he left, never to return or say goodbye to his fans.

Giving credit where credit is due, the band was talented and energetic, but they obviously needed more rehearsal time, as they could have been a little tighter. That being said, their musicianship was above par and they managed to stir enough energy to keep the house rocking.

Sly himself, however, was a monumental disappointment who still has no regard for his fans. A complete waste of time, money and energy. It was sad to see the end of a legend. Fans are better off buying a Sly & the Family Stone's "Greatest Hits" CD.

Chris Noriega

La Puente

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