Wrong subject for money makeover

Re: "At 53, it's time to put herself first," July 26:

You picked the wrong subject for your money makeover and the wrong angle.

Here is a woman who earns well above the average, has a health insurance plan paid for by her employer (the taxpayers) and will be enjoying a generous pension income. By the time she retires, her mortgage will probably be paid off, her kids will definitely be out of the house making their own way in the world, so the $5,335 monthly income will allow her to live quite comfortably.

Next time you want to do a makeover, pick a 53-year-old making no more than $50,000 working in the private sector without a pension plan or even medical insurance. Show me how to save for retirement with those facts, and you will have my ear and my appreciation.

Stephany Yablow

North Hollywood

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