Re "Clunkers program may get reprieve," Aug. 1

My 11-year-old car gets about 30 mpg. I am being forced by my government to help pay somebody up to $4,500 to buy a car that gets a few more miles per gallon than his "clunker." And our lawmakers want to set aside $2 billion more for this program. Why not $100 billion?

The clunkheads who support this program are the ones who should pay the costs.

Donald L. Hager

Los Angeles


Place a tax on the purchase of new fuel-guzzling cars and trucks and use the money to continue the "cash for clunkers" buyout program for purchases of new, fuel-efficient cars and trucks.

Brent Pittman

Brownsburg, Ind.


Another successful program. We just enticed hundreds of thousands of Americans to go further into debt.

James Cathey

Seal Beach

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