Bugliosi proves his case

Re "After Manson," Opinion, Aug. 8

I would love to see the "war president," George W. Bush, prosecuted for murder, especially by Vincent Bugliosi, who prosecuted Charles Manson. But we would have to prosecute as accomplices the pro-war legislators and the American people, who are as guilty as any murderous lynch mob and confirmed their remorseless guilt by reelecting Bush.

Even if the lies Bush told to stir up our ignorant masses had been true, they were no justification for our rabid conduct. At least our current leader, who used his position of power to oppose the war, is free of the blood that is on the hands of more than half of this country's voters.

Kathy Harty



How refreshing to read Patt Morrison's interview with Bugliosi.

Here's a man whose sharp intellect cuts through the obfuscation, deceit and wishful thinking of the circus trials, cockamamie conspiracy theories and pious deceptions of the last 50 years.

Bill Mitchell


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