Blaming music hits wrong note

Re "Music did a number on me," Opinion, Aug. 23

Although Mark Steinberg was somewhat humorous with his commentary, he misses Dr. Oliver Sacks' point about the beneficial effect of learning to play music on one's brain.

As a fellow fiddler, I have no doubt Steinberg's legal "practice" benefited from his music training and hours of practice more than he will ever know -- or perhaps even appreciate.

Larry M. Edwards

San Diego


I am truly sorry that Steinberg had such a horrible experience with the violin.

I am sorrier still that he blames music.

I think the "impact crater" he has "spent the succeeding 50 years digging out of" was caused by his parents and his own inability to make his wishes known.

To use this anecdote as a method for rebuffing Sacks or any benefits that music may provide to young minds is a disservice to both.

Robert Wolff

Sherman Oaks

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