SGMCHAIN creates historic breakthrough in global blockchain milestones, reaching 300k Transactions Per Second

From SGM Chain

This milestone by SGMCHAIN established a new benchmark of performance across the blockchain world. The key difference in block generation and transaction speed occurs depending on the difference in verification method in use by the specific blockchain protocol.

The Proof of Work (PoW) method registers approximately 7-10,000 Transactions per Second during its processing phase. But PoW method use by numerous countries is constrained by its original model – much like the speed of an older automobile as compared to today’s SGMCHAIN high-performance vehicle. The model itself imposes limitations on the transaction process.

The EOS uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) method which processes up to a 100,000 Transactions Per Second. A significant improvement over the original PoW method – but SGMCHAIN improved further upon even this DPoS model with a Dual Delegated Proof of Stake (DDPoS) method. This unique method combines two key attributes in today’s blockchain universe.

The first is Security. One merely has to look at blockchain headlines to see the challenges with security from company using sub-standard protocols to keep your money safe, transactions secured and business operating in a safe zone. With DDPoS method, we use the consensus algorithm which solved security – and speed! After all, what sense is having the highest Transactions Per Second if there is a lack of true resilient security?

The DDPoS method uses a fixed verification target together with random components. First, seventeen (17) participants are fixed as the verification target. Second, utilize a random selection from all participants for four (4) additional random targets. In order to hack this sequence, an interloper would have to know all of the seventeen (17) fixed targets and then pick out the four (4) random targets from millions of users. In addition, since four (4) random nodes are newly selected after one round, it is almost impossible for an intruder to hack before the round is over.

In addition, the block generation order of seventeen (17) master nodes and four (4) random nodes is also part of the security system. The order of nodes that generate blocks changes every round, and once the master and random nodes are selected, the block generation order is randomized. So, with the selection of twenty-one (21) independent variables, SGMCHAIN further adds to the security by randomizing the order of these twenty-one (21) selected variables. Speed? The block generation is in three (3) seconds. The confirmation time for a single transaction is forty-five (45) seconds.

Such security comes with speed. And lots of it. The DDPoS method has a high processing speed of 300,000 Transactions Per Second, generates blocks every three (3) seconds. This speed is consistent, reliable and smooth, making it ideal for high transaction environments on a global basis. SGMCHAIN’s speed has been certified by KOLAS which is a qualified inspection agency in the area of ITS performance evaluation, recognized by 72 countries for its accuracy and accreditation.

With speed, SGMCHAIN adds in a healthy dose of stability for the most reliable blockchain performance. Scalability is another key feature whereby the DDPoS algorithm technology and high blockchain consensus performance allows your transactions to stay rock steady with the growth of your business.

Simply the world’s master of Speed and Security. The SGMCHAIN.

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