Make the ride luxurious

Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Auto Sports in Van Nuys knows a few things about tricking out cars, such as the Navigator at right that boasts a diamond clock. One of the stars of MTV's "Pimp My Ride," Boeckmann has helped turn an El Camino into a mobile tailgating machine complete with barbecue grill, and modernized a Long Beach ice cream truck by adding a robotic dispensing arm and touch-screen ordering. To make the freeways more bearable, he suggests these add-ons:

Pop the cork of a bottle of Dom Perignon or tap some brew for the passengers at the built-in wet bar, complete with a sink, refrigerator and kegerator. $5,000 and up

Sink into buttery, calfskin Edelman Leather seats, the stuff used in private jets and yachts. "Everything you touch is suppleness," Boeckmann says. $20 per sq. ft.

Stare at a sparkly clock made by Lex Diamond to help pass the time. This 4.5-carat back-lit clock -- designed by the same jeweler who blinged up rapper Snoop Dogg -- is studded with dozens of handpicked, hand-placed diamonds. $10,000

Ditch the boring hubcaps and roll around in Dropstars rims. These three-piece handmade wheels are lightweight and can be color-matched to your car. $4,800 and up

Be a one-person party machine. Park this Ford Econoline van at Venice Beach, and the crowds will come running. Dubbed "Remix," the van is tricked out with a wet bar, a couch that folds into a bed, four televisions, an Xbox game machine and recording equipment in case creativity strikes. A disc jockey coffin drops out, with dual turntables, dual CD players and 77 speakers to blast the tunes. For fun, an electric guitar, electric bass and electric drum set round out the band. $75,000