Man aisle: New York grocery store dedicates section to dude items


Lest men get lost in the feminine hygiene section or the towering array of probiotic yogurts, a New York grocery store has created a testosterone haven: a so-called man aisle stocked with all the goods a dude could desire.

It’s a supermarket man cave of sorts, according to the New York Post. The dedicated aisle at Westside Market NYC features steak sauce, condoms, booze, deodorant, razors and other gentlemanly necessities.

The grocery store’s selection of beer sits next to the special section, dubbed the “Aisle of Man.” Elsewhere in the market, customers can find more evolved fare, such as Apollinaris sparkling mineral water imported from Germany, organic produce and Kashkaval cheese.


On Twitter, many rejoiced, calling the brocery idea “genius,” while others, mainly women, issued a “collective groan.”

American men are shopping more than ever, although women still do the majority of it, according to a report last year from Nielsen. More men than in the past are at home (high unemployment is partly to blame), according to the study.

The Chicago Tribune reported last year that manufacturers of grocery goods are starting to gear more of their products to men, who are increasingly taking over shopping duty. The story references a survey from market research firm DB5 that found that 51% of fathers were the primary grocery shoppers in their households.


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