LG's curved-screen smartphone, the G Flex, can truly flex [Video]

LG pledged durability when it announced its curved-screen device, the G Flex, and a new video shows the company may be able to keep its promise.

The LG G Flex is different from other smartphones in that its screen curves from top to bottom, in a way that makes it snug nicely around a user's face when making a call and curves into the palm when the user holds it.

The device is one of the first two smartphones to use OLED technology to make plastic, ultra-thin and high-resolution displays with curved shapes that can also bend.

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Last week, LG formally unveiled the device and gave everyone a look at the G Flex's uniquely shaped screen, but this week, a video demo shows that the screen isn't stuck in that shape.

A person in the video pushes down on the G Flex, flattening out its screen. The user then flips the phone over and begins pulling down on its two ends to bend the phone in the other direction. Surprisingly, the phone doesn't break.

The video is a cool look at a device that is not currently slated for release in the U.S. The video also shows that OLED plastic screens might live up to their promise of being able to take beatings without breaking or cracking.

The LG G Flex goes on sale in South Korea this month.


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