Olivia Munn shares video of swing accident on 'Late Show'

Perhaps Olivia Munn should have paid more attention in elementary school. 

If she had, "The Newsroom" actress might not have had to learn the hard way that it's dangerous to get too high on a swing. 

Munn, you see, was recently staying in Prague at an apartment outfitted with an indoor swing (no, not that kind; get your mind out of the gutter!). Like many a playground daredevil before her, she decided it would be fun to see if she could propel herself high enough that she was parallel with the ground. 

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That's when her swing broke, sending Munn crashing to the floor -- an accident that left her with a dislocated shoulder and a case of whiplash that was still very much in evidence Tuesday on "The Late Show," where, in what amounted to a PSA about the perils of swing set tomfoolery, she shared footage of the mishap. 

David Letterman seemed to get a kick out of the video, which he played repeatedly (and once in slow motion).

Kids, don't try this at home. 


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