Onions that don’t make you cry are finally here

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We’re not sure why avocados are the only piece of produce that comes with a warning - onions are deceivingly dangerous. There are few kitchen tasks more perilous than chopping with a sharp knife while blinded by onion tears.

There are, of course, hacks to try to stave of the tears; but wouldn’t it be better if we could just avoid that entirely? Sunions has cultivated the very first tearless sweet onion through two decades of careful farming and research by Bayer Crop Science without using any genetic modification.

The onions are described as sweet, mild, and crunchy - probably ideal for misguided men eating whole onions raw. But they’re even more ideal for your recipes, since the flavor will be significant but not too harsh.

“This onion is the product of more than 30 years of research and development to grow an onion that actually decreased in pungency during storage,” said Sunions breeder Rick Watson in a press release. Even after they are so carefully grown, Sunions will ship only once they are certified by a panel of tasting experts and with the support of a food lab test certifying the proper levels of volatile compounds. The onions that hit the shelves are guaranteed to remain tear-free.

But don’t put away your onion goggles just yet - the vegetables won’t be immediately available in all grocery stores and have just recently been debuted at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit. In the meantime, you’ll have to rely on one of these 10 methods for cutting onions without crying.


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