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Restaurateur Al Copeland, who became rich selling spicy fried chicken and notorious for his flamboyant lifestyle, extravagant weddings, bitter divorces and lawsuits over Christmas decorations, died Sunday March 23, 2008 at a clinic near Munich, Germany. He was 64. Copeland used profits from his doughnut shop to open Chicken on the Run, which struggled. But with a menu change, the Popeyes chain grew from that one store. (Ted Jackson, ‘Times-Picayune)
Copeland named his chicken chain after the Gene Hackman character “Popeye” Doyle in “The French Connection"(1971). (‘20th Century Fox Home entertainment)
A Popeyes chicken on LaBrea. (ken lubas, Los Angeles Times)
Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich. (xx)
A bicycle rider makes his way near a sign, advertising Popeyes Chicken, located in front of the fast food restaurant, located on Figueroa St. near Adams Blvd. in South Los Angeles. (Mel Melcon, Los Angeles Times)
Not all of Copeland’s ventures were so sucessful. His Straya restaurant in New Orleans, labeled “absolutely hideous” by author Anne Rice. (BILL HABER, Associated Press)