Deborah Netburn

Deborah Netburn is a science reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She began her journalism career at the New York Observer in 1999, and has covered residential real estate, rich kids in Manhattan, entertainment, home and garden, national news, and technology. She has worked at the Los Angeles Times since 2006.
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How a South Pasadena matron used her wits and wealth to create Joshua Tree National Park

If you love Joshua Tree National Park you owe a debt of gratitude to Minerva Hamilton Hoyt a South Pasadena society matron who convinced a U.S. president to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of Southern California desert.

Behind the story: Uncovering the history of Minerva Hamilton Hoyt

If you love Joshua Tree National Park, then you should thank Minerva Hamilton Hoyt. Here's what prompted a Times reporter to tell this story.