Letters: Lessons from a jailed drug dealer

Re "The view from inside," Opinion, Aug. 28

What a cruel and inhumane experience for Debi Campbell, serving 16 years in federal prison for a first-time nonviolent drug crime. She admits that because she broke the law she deserved to spend time in prison, but not for most of her adult life.

How can this country purport to help rehabilitate convicts when in our prisons there is only misery, despair and hopelessness? Lawmakers need to reform not only our sentencing laws but our entire prison system.

Jill Freeman


Campbell's provocative Op-Ed about her conviction for selling drugs is yet another indictment of our warped justice system. She spent 16 years in jail.

In the same day's Business section, we read that casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corp. will pay a $47.4-million fine for the money it made from a gambler linked to drug trafficking. No jail time for anyone.

A few months ago, Orange County businessman Dan Harkey and his company were found liable for $10 million in damages to investors who were persuaded to back questionable loans. No jail.

Yet rookie amateur and mother Campbell goes to jail for doing and selling drugs.

Kurt Sipolski

Palm Desert


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