‘Baby Trump’ balloon flies over downtown Los Angeles

A ‘Baby Trump’ balloon rises over downtown Los Angeles in conjunction with the Politicon convention.


After soaring over Parliament in London earlier this year, a giant balloon in the likeness of President Trump has crossed the pond and is now flying over the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The balloon, dubbed “Baby Trump,” depicts the president as an orange-and-yellow scowling toddler with sideswept hair and wearing a diaper. It was raised Friday morning over the 110 and 10 freeway interchange in downtown L.A. as part of Politicon, which bills itself as the “unconventional political convention.”

Mark López, who lives near Lincoln Heights, said he saw online that the balloon was going to be flying overhead so he headed downtown with his camera to snap a few photos.


“I think it’s beautiful,” said López, 29. “They get it right because it’s his way or ‘wah, wah, wah.’”

Carlos Vazquez, 28, of Downey, was picking his cousin up from the Greyhound station and decided to check out the balloon after seeing it on TV.

“It’s a good representation of who he is — big baby,” Vazquez said while standing near L.A. Live. “I’m not into politics, but what he’s doing to this country is out of control.”

Don Elliott, 48, cycled 17.5 miles from Burbank to check out the big baby. “I haven’t been downtown in a while, so I’m checking out the new bike lanes that are put in place and, you know, came to see our new ornament.”

Elliot said he wasn’t a fan of the president’s communication methods.


“Regardless of who you voted for and what you believe in, some of his antics in the White House are really childish,” Elliott said. “You can’t lead a country by Twitter, through a phone.”

Downtown resident Candace Williams, 31, said she had no opinion on the political commentary the dirigible might be making. Still, she got a chuckle out of the balloon.

“I just think it’s funny. I mean, whatever, I don’t go either way, so it’s just funny to me.”


1:30 p.m.: This article was updated with additional comments from people who had seen the balloon in downtown Los Angeles.

This article was originally published at 10:55 a.m.