Relative of slain Sacramento burglar: ‘They didn’t have to kill him’


A Sacramento home where two suspected burglars were shot to death belongs to a widow whose brother was staying with her after repeated break-ins.

After burglars broke into the home in the 1000 block of Arcade Boulevard in North Sacramento twice in April, the homeowner asked her brother to stay over, Fox40 reported.

The brother had a gun with him, and Sacramento police say he used it Sunday when his sister’s home was broken into a third time. Police said the man shot two people -- identified by Fox40 as Steven Crider, 16, and Michael Sobredo, 14 -- in self defense.


“I’m never gonna forget this till the day I die, wondering how my son felt, the last breath he took, what he seen,” Crider’s mother, Sandy, told Fox40. The teen was the youngest of eight siblings.

According to Crider’s family, the teenager lived on the streets instead of staying with his mother or sister.

“Just wish he didn’t have to die. So young,” his sister, Misty, told Fox40. “They didn’t have to kill him.”

Police told the news station that Crider’s fingerprints matched prints left at the house during the two previous break-ins.