Oakland police, CHP make arrests during Ferguson protests


Demonstrators in Oakland have blocked all lanes of Interstate 580, shutting down the highway while protesting the announcement that a Ferguson, Mo., police officer who killed an unarmed African American teenager will not be charged.

So many people were taken into custody that police requested a bus to transport them, authorities say.

Initially, about 500 protesters ran up the freeway on-ramp, shutting down westbound I-580 between Lakeshore Avenue and Park Boulevard, according to Oakland police.


Multiple small fires were set, according to authorities, including a larger bonfire in the street near I-580.

Objects, including rocks, were thrown at officers during the protest, according to California Highway Patrol officials.

It is unclear whether any officers were hurt.

CHP confirmed multiple arrests were made.

There is a massive police presence on the interstate near the protesters. The protesters blocked the freeway at Grand Avenue.

In downtown Oakland, it is estimated that more than 500 people gathered to protest.

People on scene shared pictures of numerous protesters laying on the ground in chalk outlines of their body as though they were dead.

So far, there have been two reports of vandalism. One police car was spray-painted with graffiti at 7th and Jackson streets, and a Chase Bank window at 20th and Webster streets was broken, according to police.

One arrest was made in connect to the vandalism, police said.

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