L.A. Now Live: Discuss the LAPD’s newly digitized homicide library

Homicides in the city peaked at 1,092 in 1992, but by 2012 they had dropped to 299. Since 2007, The Times’ Homicide Report has tried to tell every victim’s story. To date, the online database contains information about more than 5,100 killings in Los Angeles County.
(Ryan Menezes)

Join the Homicide Report’s Nicole Santa Cruz at 9 a.m. for an L.A. Now Live chat on her latest article: the Los Angeles Police Department’s work to create a “Google for murder.”

The article looks at how the LAPD has assembled a digital library of homicide files with the goal of putting a database of long-dormant cases within a click away of police detectives.

“The bigger picture of it all is tremendous,” said LAPD Det. Teddy Hammond, who has worked with several other detectives to digitize more than 4,500 files over the past two years.

So far, the database includes cases from the southern part of the city -- long the deadliest -- between 1990 and 2010.  


For families hoping for details about older cases, the database will be the difference between hours and the weeks it took in the past to find the files and read them.

Join us to discuss the new library and to talk about homicides in L.A. County.



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