Someone played pornography over a loudspeaker at a California Target store and parents freaked out


A mother got more than she and her 3-year-old twin boys’ ears bargained for while shopping at a Target store in Campbell, Calif., this week.

Gina Young was with her two children Wednesday when she suddenly heard a woman’s moans playing over the store’s loudspeaker. It sounded like someone was playing pornography, she said.

Young filmed the entire incident, even the moment her son starts crying as the moans continued. She has since posted the video on Facebook.

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“Porn blasting over the intercom throughout the store. People offered to help me cover my [twins’] ears. Others threw [their] stuff down and walked out. Employees were running around everywhere. Picking and hanging up phones, which worked ... for about two minutes before it started up again,” the mother wrote.

Customers, she said, were yelling and screaming at store employees.

Young was as perplexed as her sons by the whole thing. As the sound blares through the entire store, Young can be heard in the video saying, “What is going on here?” Her sons asked, “Is she hurt?”

Other customers also began filming the uncomfortable moment. Some were laughing, and others were simply disgusted, she said.

“It was terribly awkward,” she wrote.

Target said it is investigating the incident, but officials  “want our guests to know that we take this very seriously.”

“We are actively reviewing the situation with the team to better understand what happened and to help ensure this doesn’t happen again,” a Target spokeswoman told The Times.

Apparently this has happened before.

In July, shoppers visiting a Target store in San Luis Obispo also reported hearing pornography over the loudspeaker. In that incident, shoppers were evacuated until the staff tried to figure out how to turn off the track.

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