Trading a wedding ring for Chiefs-Broncos tickets? It must be love

"Will trade diamond wedding ring for Chiefs vs Broncos Tickets." So the Craigslist ad read.

And while it won't be a win-win situation when the white-hot Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos meet Dec. 1, it will be for one Kansas woman who offered to trade her wedding ring set for tickets to the game, and for the man in love who took her up on the deal.

The Overland Park, Kan., woman, who has remained anonymous, posted a notice on Craigslist last week offering to trade her rings, initially valued at $3,100, for four club-level tickets to the game, according to the Kansas City Star

On Thursday, a deal was finalized with one Rusty Jones, who's been a season-ticket holder for 20 years. Both parties met with a jeweler, who verified the value of the rings at $2,800, and the trade was made. The woman walked away with two tickets (near the end zone, not in the club level) for the Nov. 24 game against the San Diego Chargers and four for the Dec. 1 meeting of two of the NFL's top teams. (The two teams also meet this Sunday in Denver.)

Turns out the deal was fueled by love at both ends. The woman was seeking the very hot tickets — the Chiefs and Broncos are currently first and second in the NFL's AFC Western Division — as a 40th birthday gift for her husband. And Jones intends to use the diamond to propose to his girlfriend, with whom he was recently discussing engagement rings. She'd seen pictures of the rings in the Craigslist notice and had liked them, he told the Star.

One humanizing element for those who might be scandalized by the apparent sacrifice: The diamond-encrusted rings, which can be seen in the video above, were from a previous marriage, so the emotional connection wasn't there anymore.

The emotional connection with the Chiefs, however — that's a whole 'nother story.


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