Letters: Mostly applause for CVS’ move

Re “CVS’ halt on tobacco wins praise,” Business, Feb. 6

The following sign was posted in a small drugstore: “Dear Customers, As we are in business for your health, we no longer sell cigarettes.”

The year was 1964. I was 13 years old and had helped my father, Harry Labinger, hang that sign after the surgeon general reported on the dangers of smoking. My father, a smoker, also quit smoking that day, cold turkey. It was a lesson in health, ethics and courage I have never forgotten.

Thanks, Dad. And bravo, CVS.


Marc Labinger

West Hollywood

And what do the shareholders of CVS Caremark Corp. have to say about the company’s decision to stop selling a product that generates $2 billion in annual revenue?

Stephany Yablow


North Hollywood

Congratulations to CVS for its decision to no longer sell cigarettes. This is a decision that we should reward by doing our shopping there. Let’s hope that other drugstores and grocery stores as well as other businesses follow the example set by CVS.

If we want to control healthcare costs, there is no better way to start than for more people to stop smoking.

Richard F. Corlin, MD

Santa Monica

The writer is past president of the American Medical Assn.


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