Letters: Losing sight of Obamacare's mission

Re "Obama facing dissent in the ranks," Nov. 16

Obamacare is not about a temporarily problematic website. It is about a revolution in medicine.

Obamacare is about moving from fee-for-service healthcare to evidence-based medicine. It is about establishing standards of medical practice across the country. It is about economies of scale, with doctors and hospitals banding together to offer discounted services and promote best practices. It is about using technology to decrease medical errors and promote preventive medicine.

Most important, it's about providing healthcare to the more than 40 million uninsured Americans.

Let's keep the current troubled implementation of this law in perspective and focus on the long-term goal of providing affordable healthcare to all citizens.

Christina Miller

Seal Beach

As a retired software engineer, I've seen many a botched initial release; in fact, I've seen more botched ones than successful ones. I've seen software crash in hundreds of unexpected ways, but I've never seen software crash a government — until now.

I think it's important to keep this in perspective: This is a software problem, nothing more. Yes, it's an important government program that the software enables, but why are we confusing a technical problem with the need to reform healthcare in America?

Recently I had to reconnect my wife's new iPhone with our home wireless router, and — for no apparent reason — the phone lost connectivity.

I found hundreds of similar stories on the Internet, but I didn't find anyone suggesting that we dismantle cellphone towers and do away with wireless communication.

Thomas Sexton

Huntington Beach


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