Readers React: Obama is no strategic genius on the Middle East


To the editor: Brian Michael Jenkins stretches credulity by comparing President Obama to Roman general Fabius Maximus. (“Is Obama a modern-day Quintus Fabius Maximus?,” Op-Ed, Oct. 22)

Obama’s continuing problems with foreign policy do not simply rest with Islamic State. It seems his consistent problem is not truly comprehending or believing threat assessments, from Benghazi, to his embarrassing support of the the Egyptian revolution that would put the Muslim Brotherhood in power, to the premature troop withdrawal in Iraq.

Jenkins tries to portray the president as a shrewd delayer and clever military tactician, but Obama’s policies seem to result more from indecision and confusion. If Jenkins were to present an accurate comparison with Fabius, the latter would have discounted a serious threat of Hannibal and his hordes descending on the Roman civilization and delayed a decisive response.


Richard Friedman, Culver City


To the editor: Jenkins gives a historical perspective on Obama’s reaction to Islamic State.

What is the perspective of the Yazidi or Christian woman who has seen her husband murdered, her daughters taken captive, her sons decapitated, and who has been sold into sexual slavery?

One such victim reportedly made a desperate phone call saying she has been raped 30 times in a few hours and wished a Western bomb would destroy the brothel where she was held.

Some of us remember a time when the United States would act quickly to stop horrific inhumanity.

Elizabeth Norling, Long Beach


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