Readers React: If Trump thinks Finland is so smart, he should take climate change seriously

Trump Visits California Wildfires
President Trump tours fire-ravaged Paradise, Calif., on Nov. 17.
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To the editor: It’s sad to hear President Trump’s ignorant comments about how Finland manages its forests to prevent wildfires like the ones in California. Thanks to The Times for publishing an op-ed article by a Finnish author that calls him out on this.

Let’s work to ensure that Trump is “called out” in 2020 and replaced by someone with better than a Neanderthal’s understanding of American greatness and who recognizes the serious risks of climate change.

In the meantime, perhaps a Democratic House of Representatives can make progress on passing a carbon tax. Washingtonians recently voted down a carbon tax that would have funded “winner” clean energy investments, an approach that never gets much conservative support.

A revenue-neutral approach like the carbon fee-and-dividend scheme might even grab a handful of Republican Senate votes.


Edward Dignan, Long Beach


To the editor: Anu Partanen writes that “our planet is burning up.” And yet, we have a president who ignores the facts of climate change and proposes that we rake our forests and burn more coal.

If your car’s gas gauge indicates the tank is almost empty, and you read a sign that says “next gas 100 miles” while you were driving across a hot desert, would you recognize that you had to stop and get gas, or would you deny it and keep driving?


The first option would be to get gas and come out the other side in good shape. The second would be to save 10 minutes, pass the sign and run out of gas in the middle of the desert, perhaps dying while walking in search of help.

The right choice seems obvious.

Phil Beauchamp, Chino Hills

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