Browns’ Damarious Randall makes multimillion-dollar promise to Cavs’ fans if Cleveland wins NBA title


Damarious Randall is slated to make just under $1.1 million with the Cleveland Browns next season.

The fourth-year free safety might need a lot more than that if the Cavaliers win the NBA championship in 2018 — and if he plans on fulfilling a promise he made in a tweet Monday.

Randall pledged to buy a jersey for every person who retweets his original message if the Cavs beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.


Randall, who played the first three years of his NFL career with the Green Bay Packers, was traded to the Browns during the offseason. But that didn’t stop him from proclaiming he would sit courtside and root for Stephen Curry and the Warriors — and, therefore, against the Cavaliers — during this season’s NBA Finals in Cleveland.

When someone pointed out that such comments probably aren’t a great way to ingratiate himself with sports fans in his new home city, Randall responded, “They will love me when they see me play Free Safety.”

In the meantime, though, Randall has the jersey thing to fall back on. Early Tuesday afternoon, Randall’s offer had been retweeted nearly 250,000 times.

The cheapest jersey on the Cavaliers’ website is a Tristan Thompson wine replica road jersey for the sale price of $27.99. Assuming there is somehow a large enough supply of the shirts, Randall will have to shell out close to $7 million to send one to everyone who took him up on his offer.

Maybe there’s a discount for bulk orders. Or perhaps he has another trick up his sleeve (note that he did not specify what kind of jersey he’d be providing).

Or maybe he has the utmost confidence the Warriors will beat the Cavaliers in the finals like they have in two of the last three years.

No matter the outcome, Randall says he’ll be true to his word — if it comes to that.

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