Kobe Bryant’s daughter and Chris Paul’s son play basketball together

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If you squint really hard, cock your head to the left and wear extra strong prescription glasses, you can almost imagine what could have been a reality.

On Sunday during NBA All-Star weekend in Houston, Kobe Bryant tweeted a photo of his daughter Natalia playing basketball with Chris Paul’s son, known as Little Chris.

“At least lil @CP3 and baby Mamba can play together NBA can’t veto this one Ha!,” Bryant wrote.


Bryant was poking fun at David Stern’s decision to nix a deal that would have sent Paul to the Lakers. After Stern vetoed the trade, Paul landed with the Clippers.

Paul has helped transform the Clippers from a punch line to a title contender. The Clippers are in third place in the Western Conference -- meanwhile the Lakers are floundering in 10th place.

After Stern prevented Paul from becoming a Laker, many Lakers fans were infuriated. Apparently even Bryant still wonders what could have happened if the two superstars were teammates.


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