Eagles Coach Chip Kelly can't attend fans' wedding because of draft

Chip Kelly is just too busy to attend your wedding.

It's an excuse we've all tried to use before, but the Philadelphia Eagles coach actually does have a pretty good reason for not witnessing the marriage of two random fans who decided to send him an invitation.

A little thing called the NFL draft.

Otherwise, he'd be there without hesitation. After all, who doesn't want to spend a Saturday watching two strangers tie the knot?

Anyhow, Kelly was gracious enough to send a handwritten RSVP.

Chip Kelly can't go to an Eagles fan's May 10 wedding because he has 'the draft that weekend.' (via @Eagles) pic.twitter.com/YAdNSWUNqz

— John Breech (@johnbreech) March 31, 2014

Turns out, the bride and groom -- Maryanne Goslee and Thomas Froschle -- weren't all that brokenhearted about it, even though their reception is going to have an Eagles theme. But they were happy to hear back from the coach.

"We weren't really expecting anything," Froschle said of sending the invitation. "It was almost like a gag, really."


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